quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2016

Filipe Diniz: «Sanções e dominação»

A política de sanções económicas é um instrumento privilegiado da UE. Construída de forma a estabelecer uma estrutura de economias dominantes e de países subordinados, a UE dos monopólios utiliza as sanções para assegurar que não há recalcitrantes. E conta, naturalmente, com a cumplicidade do grande capital interno e seus porta-vozes. (odiario.info)

«Here Are Eight Policies That Can Prevent Police Killings» (The Intercept)
[De Alice Speri] With 788 people killed by police this year alone, death at the hands of law enforcement has become so routine in this country that it risks becoming expected and predictable, as if it were inevitable. Every time a new video emerges, anger soars, as do calls to end police violence. Then invariably, within days or sometimes mere hours, police somewhere else kill again.

This week was no exception. Last night, the now familiar scene of angry protests met with tear gas unfolded again, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina, after a police officer shot and killed Keith L. Scott, a 43-year-old black father who had been sitting in his car waiting to pick up a child from school.