sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2018

«‘Dehumanized, discounted, marginalized’: Syria’s victors defying airbrushed US narrative»

[De Vanessa Beeley] In the West we are used to reading a history of such conflicts written by the victor. The imperialist narrative is the dominant one. History is distorted to preserve the perceived moral prowess of the conqueror.

The reality is this: A proud nation is brought to its knees by sanctions, hostile media attention and the inevitable military campaign waged directly or indirectly via proxy forces chosen from viable opposition elements. Power is multiplied by the US and her partners in the UK and France with assorted NATO-member vassal states hanging onto their coat tails.
Syria is another story. The Syrians have confounded the US and its allies. At every turn, every plan B, Syria has responded with unity, resistance and pride in its independence and territorial integrity. Syria has upheld international law, it has called upon its historical allies and they have responded, to the consternation of the Western policy designers. The multitude of aligned narrative-pushers and history-writers cut their Syrian cloth long ago, but they failed to incorporate the rich tapestry of Syrian society which has survived centuries of foreign invasion and influence and emerged victorious. (RT)

Ver tb.: «Exército sírio avança em direcção à fronteira com a Jordânia» (Abril)
No contexto da ofensiva contra-terrorista no Sudoeste do país, as forças do Exército Árabe Sírio (EAS) encontram-se a poucos quilómetros do posto fronteiriço de Nassib, sendo a primeira vez nos últimos seis anos que as tropas de Damasco se aproximam tanto da fronteira com a Jordânia na província de Daraa, informa a agência SANA.