sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2016

«Letter of political Irish ex-prisioners supporting the manifestation in favour of amnesty»

[Carta de ex presos políticos irlandeses apoyando la manifestación por la amnistía / Preso politiko ohi irlandarren gutuna amnistiaren aldeko manifestazioa babesten]
We, the undersigned Irish Republican ex-prisoners, extend solidarity greetings to our imprisoned Basque comrades, their families and to all those exiled as a result of the struggle in Euskal Herria. We wish to let them know that their plight has not been forgotten.
Continued oppression by the Spanish and Frech states, and its ongoing policy of attempting to criminalise our Basque comrades, is incompatible with any process which claims to seek the creation of a just and peaceful society.

As former political prisoners, we fully understand that this campaign for Amnesty must go beyond the basic and simple premise of returning the political prisoners back to their families and communities. It is imperative that this campaign reaches beyond, addresses and overcomes the political reasons and conditions which gave rise to the very existence of political prisoners in the first place.

In stating all of the above and drawing on our own experiences we are aware of both the importance and the significance of getting people to rally behind prisoners. Therefore we reiterate our support for, and call upon all right-thinking Basque people to mobilize for, Bilbao on the 26th November.

In solidarity and comradeship,
Proinsias Brennan, Eamon Digney, Bernard Fox, Tomás Fox, Pauline Jackson, Rab Jackson, Gary Kearney, Fearghal MagUidhir, Marcus Prior, Martin Livingstone, Breige-Ann McCaughley, Michael Fitzsimons, Máire Drumm, Breandán Mac Cionnaith, Pádraic Mac Coitir, Seán McCotter, Liam McCotter. / Ver: amnistiAskatasuna 1, 2 e 3