quarta-feira, 8 de março de 2017

«(Quasi)Academic Foundations of a Racist "Greater Albania"»

[De Vladislav B. Sotirovic] The topic to be addressed in this text is the basic misconception on the question of the Balkan Albanian ethnogenesis and national identity that was framed by extremely geo-politically coloured the German-based «Illyrian» theory of the Albanian ethnic and cultural origin. This (quasi)theory, unfortunately, has very deep and negative regional political-security consequences during the last century.

The implementation of the «Illyrian» (quasi)theory of the Albanian ethnogenesis was accepted firstly by the Rilindja, (the renaissance) – the Albanian nationalistic and chauvinistic political movement in 1878–1913 for the sake to create the ethnically pure Greater Albania as a national state of all Balkan Albanians composed by self-interpreted all ethnographic and (quasi)historical «Albanian» territories at the expense of historical truth, justice as well as the Slavic and the Greek national interest. (off-guardian.org)