sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2017

«Why Albanians Fled Kosovo During the 1999 NATO Bombing»

[Entrevista a Čedomir Prlinčević, historiador e chefe da comunidade judaica em Priština, capital do Kosovo, sobre o papel da NATO e da manipulação na região. Uma entrevista grande, mas que vale toda atenção.] This interview dates from December 2000, but is still highly relevant to today. NATO’s conduct in Kosovo can be seen as anticipating much of its current actions on Syria and/or Ukraine. The same exploitation of emotional and inaccurate narratives, the same promotion of wars of aggression in the guise of «humanitarian intervention», the same promotion of dangerous elements such as terrorists and gangsters as «rebels» or «freedom fighters.» The same utter disregard for the longterm consequences for the people who have to live in these regions. In 18 years little or nothing has changed, and the same playbook is still in use.

This is the second Emperor’s Clothes interview with Čedomir Prlinčević (pronounced Ched-o-meer Pra-linch-eh-vich).

Mr. Prlinčević, an historian, was chief archivist in Priština, capital of Kosovo, and head of the Jewish community there until, as he explained in his first Emperor’s Clothes interview, the terrorist KLA drove him and his family and thousands of others from their homes. Heavily armed British NATO forces stood by, watching the terror, ignoring the Yugoslavs’ pleas for help. You can read that interview here.

In his second interview, Mr. Prlinčević gave an in-depth answer to my question, «Why did Albanians flee Kosovo in large numbers at the start of NATO bombing?» The media claimed the Albanians were fleeing Serbian terror.

NATO bombing was portrayed as a reaction to supposed Serb terror. Some anti-Serb leftists, notably Noam Chomsky, made a fake criticism of NATO, saying that the Albanians had indeed fled Serbian terror, but this was NATO’s fault because the Serbs instituted their anti-Albanian reign of terror in response to the NATO bombing, as NATO knew they would. I say this was a fake criticism of NATO because Chomsky endorsed the NATO/media attack on the Serbs while posing as their defender. As in, «Yes! He beat his wife! But you drove him to it!» I argued with Chomsky about this. Our email exchange is published here.

I and others in the antiwar movement thought the Albanians must have fled for the same reason many Serbs fled – to escape the bombs.

But Mr. Prlinčević says all these explanations were wrong. Something else was at work here: the manipulation by Western military and intelligence organizations of certain aspects of Albanian culture, both to create the terrorist apparatus known as the KLA and to stage public dramas, especially the mass Albanian flight in April 1999, which dramas were then used by the media to smear the Serbs as war criminals. (off-guardian.org)